Last year, with the help of incredible fundraisers and donors like you, we raised over $16K to bring water filters to 100 homes in Dabal, India.

With Dabal's only source of water containing high concentrations of contaminants such as cadmium, lead, and chromium, a water filter installed in each home was a life-changing addition. 

Parents can now let their children drink water without fear that their water will expose them to gastrointestinal diseases, neurological diseases, and cancers.

Read more about the 2016 campaign's impact on Dabal here.




For this year's World Water Day (March 22nd), we want to help more families gain freedom from dirty water. Over 16,000 people in neighboring villages to Dabal are exposed to arsenic, cyanide, and heavy metals through their water. 


Our goal is to raise $25,000 to kick off our multi-year commitment to secure clean water for over 16,000 people residing along the Kali River. $25,000 will bring filters to 156 families this year.

These reverse-osmosis (RO) filters employ reverse osmosis to remove dissolved inorganic solids from the supplied water. Through pressure, the water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane that allows water to pass through, and impurities and contaminates to be left behind. Removed impurities and contaminates are disposed after removal. These filters are perfect for removing the heavy metals and life-threatening contaminants found in the water of families living along the Kali River. 




Become a campaign matcher for our World Water Day campaign. Commit to a set amount to match every $1 raised in the campaign. Campaign matchers will be promoted in our press and marketing materials to audiences worldwide. 



Our campaign raised $16K last year through 13 fundraisers and 120 donors. Our fundraisers are dedicated and powerful changemakers who volunteer their time to raise the funds needed to bring water filters to hundreds of homes. Does this sound like you? Send a quick note of interest to Josh, and we'll set you up with a fundraising page. 




Stay tuned for the campaign's full launch in March, with the main participation date on March 22nd, World Water Day

During the full launch, you'll be able to create your own fundraising page, donate, and learn more about the communities that'll be benefiting from your support. Sign up below to be alerted when our campaign's live. 



We're a clean water organization obsessed with water maintenance.

Currently, 40% of water systems in the developing world break after 2-5 years. We believe that this crisis within the water crisis is not a technology problem, but a very human one. Through our programs, our partnered communities are taught to manage the ecosystem around their water system like a fine-tuned business, so that clean water flows for generations to come. Learn more about us here. 

What does water maintenance look like for this project? Through Water Collective’s Water Independence Program, committees will be trained on the operation and maintenance of household water filters. Each committee or “Jal Samiti”, will be established to represent each quarter of a village (each quarter contains 40-47 households). One member of every household will be in a Jal Samiti and participate in monthly meetings. Jal Samiti meetings will include training sessions on using, cleaning, and fixing household filters, and provide a venue for households to share and troubleshoot any operational issues they have with the group. During these meetings, monthly fees will also be collected from each household for the community’s maintenance fund. The maintenance fund will support replacement filters, repair fees, and any other contingencies for each Jal Samiti member.