Location: Timber Road, Konye, CAMEROON

Population: 4,000 People

Solution: Catchment System with 5 Tap Stands, Water Independence Program

Timber Road is located in Konye subdivision of Southwest Cameroon with 4,000 people without access to clean water. In Timber Road, the most reliable source of water is 1.24 miles away from the village inside a forest behind strenuous hills. The population currently gathers water from nearby puddles of stagnant water that is full of waterborne diseases and more than half a mile away from their homes. Gathering water from these nearby contaminated sources is potentially life threatening due to diseases originating from the water. For example, from 2005 – 2012, there were over 500 cases of individuals suffering from water-related diseases. In 2010, 55 children and 13 adults were victims of a cholera epidemic.

With your help, Timber Road will gain access to 5 new tap stands with clean water sourced and filtered from a nearby catchment site.


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Baseline data was collected by Water Collective staff from 513 individuals in Timber Road (277 Women, 231 Men, 132 Youth) on January 2015.