Location: Mbewela, Bamenda II, CAMEROON

Population: 27,000 People + 3,000 Benefitting Neighbors in Mbanja, Cameroon

Solution: Rehabilitation, Extension, Replacement, and New Additions to Catchment System with 16 new tap stands and 15 rehabilitated tap stands; Water Independence Program

Status: Project Complete

In Mbewela, over 27,000 people reside without access to clean water. Located in Bamenda III of Northwest Cameroon, rapid population growth has inflicted serious pressure on existing water sources, amplifying the village’s need for clean water. The average household in Mbewela is made up of 10 members, requiring large quantities of water to satisfy the cooking, drinking, and cleaning needs of all of its members. On average, women in Mbewela travel 4 hours a day to collect the water needed for their families. Families in Mbewela spend an average of 38% of their yearly income to treat each member’s water-related illnesses. On average, 266 students per month are affected by waterborne diseases and miss at least 3-5 days of school (per month).


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Baseline data was collected by Water Collective staff from 537 individuals in Mbewela (236 Women, 293 Men, 150 Youth) on July 2014.