Location: Epen, Kupe Manenguba, CAMEROON

Population: 6,800 People

Solution: Rehabilitate Broken Water System with 6 New Tap Stands and Repair 3 Broken Ones, Water Independence Program

Epen is a large farming village rich with cocoa located in the Bangem sub-division of Southwest Cameroon. Composed of natives and traveling farmers, the 6,800 person population currently gathers water from one working tap stand. The village houses a 19-year-old broken water system that barely functions due to incorrect pipe sizes and a catchment desperately in need of repairs. Unwilling to stand on the long lines that surround the 1 working tap, many are forced to collect water from nearby streams that are the cause of illnesses such as typhoid and diarrhea. In 1992 and 2001, the village encountered 20 infant deaths due to diarrhea. Currently, 40% of a household’s income is spent treating the family’s waterborne diseases.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Epen is fully funded and will see 3 restored tap stands, and 6 new tap stands in its community in early 2016. The community’s existing structures will be revitalized, expanded, and improved to sustain the community’s population for generations to come.

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