Location: Dabal, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

Population: 1,400 People

Solution: 188 Reverse Osmosis Filters Installed in Dabal Households, Water Independence Program

Dabal is located in Uttar Pradesh, India, and houses 57 broken handpumps in its village. This 1,400 person population is situated in the banks of the Kali River in Western Uttar Pradesh. Industries such as paper and sugar mills dispose harmful chemical wastes into the Kali River. Contaminants such as cadmium, lead, and chromium are found in high concentrations in this water, polluting the groundwater that Dabal residents use for their drinking and cleaning needs. Despite efforts by the government and residents to secure drinkable water through handpumps, the pollution of the groundwater increases every year. This pollution forces handpump abandonment and drilling deeper boreholes in order to access drinkable water. Exposure to this water leaves residents with health problems such as gastrointestinal diseases, neurological diseases, and cancers. Currently, households spend 20-30% of their income and loans to cover their water-related medical expenses.

With your support, we can secure a rainwater catchment system and 188 filtration centers for individual households. A rainwater catchment system would allow for an unpolluted source to be captured for Dabal residents, providing a necessary secondary supply, as well as dilute water pollution levels in existing water tables. Household filtration centers will be installed in each household and regularly used to filter safe drinking water for consumption.

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