Location: Babubock, Nguti, CAMEROON

Population: 7,500 People

Solution: Catchment System with 16 Tap Stands, Water Independence Program

The Babubock project encompasses 9 villages composed of the Babubock clan. Located in the rainforests of the Nguti sub-division in Southwest Cameroon, this large 9 village system reaches more than 7,500 people. Water access in Babubock is deplorable, with many of the accessible streams drying up for 6 months out of the year. As a community located far out of the reach of navigable roads, there are no alternatives for water other than a visibly brown puddle, which is the most reliable source in the village. Cholera, typhoid, and infant deaths are common adversities for Babubock residents.

Our aim is to construct 16 tap stands that will cover 9 different quarters of Babubock. The tap stands will be connected to a catchment located in nearby mountains that have a healthy supply of natural spring water year round.

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