Who We’re Looking For

Water Collective is seeking Project Coordinators in Southwest and Northwest Cameroon to provide managerial support to its partnered communities located throughout the Bangem, Mbonge, Konye, Kumba III, and Bamenda III sub-divisions of Cameroon.

We are looking for enthusiastic leaders who can direct our partnered communities into a harmonious relationship between their populations and their water systems. Our Project Coordinators manage the human and social aspects that make our programs in water, economic empowerment, and water maintenance successful.

Our ideal candidate will be well-versed in community mobilization, conflict resolution, and project management. Individuals from our partnered communities will look to Project Coordinators for leadership and depend on them for conflict resolution and communicating project updates. 90% of the position’s work will take place at our partnered locations and will require the candidate to be approachable, diplomatic, and knowledgeable on all project parameters. The candidate must also be comfortable and able to work in rural regions of Cameroon that involves travel through rough terrain, mud roads, and exposure to outdoor elements.

Ideal candidates believe in the power of communities empowering themselves to resolve local challenges and understand the processes and patience needed to create community-led development. Strong managerial and leadership skills will be key to organize, mobilize, and guide communities towards set goals. Interested candidates should read the Approach section of our website.


(include, but are not limited to):

• Community Relations – Provide assistance to partnered communities during project construction phases and times of conflict. Project Coordinators will manage and lead community sensitization meetings and attend to any community questions and concerns, and must uphold a professional and respectful demeanor that is representative of our organization.
• Proposal and Budget Negotiations – Finalize negotiations and resolve any proposal and budget conflicts with NGO partners.
• Survey and Data Collection –Organize and distribute surveys to 500+ individuals for each project location to collect crucial data to measure program progress and impact.
• Project Reporting – Write informative and thorough reports to inform the Water Collective management team on requested subjects and communities.
• Workshops – Organize and conduct community workshops on topics of water management, life-cycle costing for water maintenance, repairs for water systems, and more.
• Project Management – Provide assistance and oversight to partnered on-ground NGOs, engineers, and related stakeholders during construction phases of a water system, economic empowerment workshops, maintenance workshops, and discussions with local government delegations.
• Water Committee Trainings – Train the Water Committees of our partnered communities to adopt maintenance, budgeting, and management duties for their water system. Execute testing, assessment, and teaching duties of our Water Independence program (
• Network – Create connections between our partnered communities with the goal of strengthening in-country networks for water maintenance support. Network strong Committee members and/or Committees to engage with neighboring communities in need of peer-to-peer support.


(Ordered from highest to lowest importance)

• Observant and analytical of human relationships, scenarios, and conflicts. The candidate should be sensitive to recognizing potential conflicts and needed strategies for resolution.
• Diplomatic and approachable when managing community matters, negotiations, and relations with communities and NGO partners.
• Communicative and detail oriented in communications for liaison duties between partnered communities, Water Collective’s Executive team, and NGO partners.
• Strong leadership and management skills with the capability to direct and organize individuals and self, towards achieving a set goal.
• Natural problem-solver who is not afraid to provide resolution for presented challenges in a timely and decisive manner.
• Team-oriented, and integrates all stakeholders when working towards problem resolution.
• Passionate and knowledgeable about the importance of community-led development vs. aid-led development.
• Access to a computer and smartphone to submit project reports and communicate with the Executive team through platforms such as Gmail and WhatsApp.

Location & Logistics

90% of all project assignments will take place in rural communities of the Bangem, Mbonge, Konye, Kumba III, and Bamenda III sub-divisions. We are open to accepting applications from individuals who can only attend to a few of the above listed locations.

Compensation will be discussed and negotiated according to the candidate’s experience. This is a part-time, independent contractor position. Candidates will be activated according to project needs and be contacted on assignments 1-2 weeks in advance.

To Apply

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume, and 3 references to SUBMISSIONS WITHOUT COVER LETTERS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

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LOCATION: Southwest and Northwest Cameroon
TYPE: Independent Contractor, Pay By Project Basis, Part-Time
COMPENSATION: Commensurate with Experience
EXPERIENCE: Mid-level, 1-2 years.
START DATE: Immediate
LANGUAGE: Proficient in writing and speaking English and French. Proficiency in local rural dialects is a plus.

Applications are being accepted on an immediate, rolling basis.