Who We’re Looking For

Water Collective is seeking Project Apprentices who are interested in pursuing a career in rural development. The Apprentice program provides hands-on learning and substantial experience to Cameroonian citizens interested in pursuing social work, but without the education or background to do so. The program was designed after a high demand from youth populations at our partnered communities to work in local development initiatives. Our goal is to provide locals with the opportunity to leverage their knowledge of rural strengths and challenges for the benefit of developmental growth in their country.

Project Apprentice candidates are interested in learning more about development and social issues, and are willing to commit 1-year to the apprenticeship. Our Project Apprenticeship program trains its candidates to become knowledgeable and competitive crusaders for water accessibility issues. After a 1-year term, exceptional candidates will be asked to join the Water Collective team as a Project Coordinator. Applicants should be located in, or in close proximity to Bangem, Mbonge, Konye, Kumba III, and Bamenda III sub-divisions of South and North Cameroon.

We are seeking ambitious individuals hungry to learn, observe, and build a career in rural development. You must be passionate and dedicated to empowering the underserved, but resolutely believe in helping communities build the processes to resolve their own challenges vs. giving them their answers. Our organization is dedicated to investing the time, money, and work needed to implement long-term change, rather than short-term, one time solutions.

Our ideal candidate will be an exemplary listener, humble, and empathetic, but decisive and determined when it’s time to make decisions. You are not intimidated by conflicts, and are thorough in gathering all the facts before devising a solution or taking sides. You are a natural leader, well liked in your community, and proactive in community affairs – you may hold a position or two in your local community groups. Beyond your social strengths, you are also a great manager. You must be able to organize and execute all the ideas you propose from paper to reality – this means organizing the research you need to make educated solutions, proposing your solution in writing, and bringing together the appropriate people and resources to bring your solution to life.

90% of the position’s work will take place at our partnered locations and will require the candidate to be approachable, diplomatic, and knowledgeable on all assignments. You come prepared with the needed research and materials for every assignment. You must also be comfortable and able to work in rural regions of Cameroon that involves travel through rough terrain, mud roads, and exposure to outdoor elements.

Interested candidates should read the Approach section of our website.


(include, but are not limited to):

• Community Relations – Provide assistance to the Project Coordinator during project construction phases and times of conflict at our partnered communities.
• Survey and Data Collection – Help the Project Coordinator organize and distribute surveys to 500+ individuals for each project location to collect crucial data to measure program progress and impact.
• Project Reporting – Write informative and thorough reports to inform the Water Collective management team on requested subjects and communities.
• Workshops and Meetings – Help the Project Coordinator schedule and organize meeting dates, and organize the needed resources to make the meeting a success.
• Water Committee Trainings – Assist the Project Coordinator during trainings for our Water Committees at our partnered communities.


(Ordered from highest to lowest importance)

• Observant and analytical of human relationships, scenarios, and conflicts.
• Diplomatic and approachable.
• Communicative and detail oriented.
• Strong leadership and management skills.
• Natural problem-solver who is not afraid to provide resolution for presented challenges in a timely and decisive manner.
• Team-oriented, and willing to take on any tasks, large or small, to complete an assignment.
• Access to a computer and smartphone to submit project reports and communicate with the Executive team through platforms such as Gmail and WhatsApp.

Location & Logistics

90% of all project assignments will take place in rural communities of the Bangem, Mbonge, Konye, Kumba III, and Bamenda III sub-divisions. We are open to accepting applications from individuals who can only attend to a few of the above listed locations.

This position is part-time; candidates will be activated according to project needs and be contacted on assignments 1-2 weeks in advance.

To Apply

Please send your submission to


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LOCATION: Southwest and Northwest Cameroon
TYPE: Apprenticeship. Unpaid during 3-month training and review period.
COMPENSATION: To be discussed after 3-month review.
DURATION: 1 year
START DATE: January 2017
LANGUAGE: Proficient in writing and reading English and French. Proficiency in local rural dialects is a plus.

Applications are being accepted on an immediate, rolling basis. Strong preference will be given to applicants living in rural regions of Cameroon.