Interested in working at Water Collective? Here’s what our past Fellows and employees have to say about their experience:


Jared M
Completing the fellowship with Water Collective has been an incredible learning and impact opportunity. Sophia and Josh have provided a perfect context for me to sharpen my management and analysis skills and to deepen my knowledge of sustainable international development. The high level of ownership and responsibility that they have given has allowed me to learn and to contribute much more to the Water Collective mission than I ever expected. I highly recommend pursuing this fellowship opportunity, both to undergraduate and graduate students! 



Alexandra B
Interning with Water Collective was, by far, my best decision after graduation. I am lucky to have worked with an organization that had the flexibility to provide me the opportunity to explore my own strengths, value my opinions, and give me the freedom to workshop my own ideas for development. The exposure to the life, culture, and operating procedures of an NGO that Water Collective provided me with granted me invaluable experience and contributed extensively to my career in the nonprofit arena. It was an honor and absolute pleasure to work alongside visionaries like Sophia Sunwoo and Josh Braunstein.s


Daniel S
Interning for Water Collective really enhanced my skills as a future professional. I was able to start a fundraising initiative from scratch and figure out how it could benefit Water Collective in the best ways possible. I also got to meet some pretty incredible individuals who I know are making a true difference in today’s water crisis. All in all, it was a very beneficial experience and I’m glad I was a part of Water Collective.


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