Students Helping Students

Cookies for Cameroon and Laps for Taps are educational, fun campaigns that allow students to help students! By participating, students have the opportunity to directly impact a school at one of our partnered communities in West Africa. Students research and learn about the water crisis and its effect on rural communities in the developing world. To turn their knowledge into impact, students organize a Cookies for Cameroon bake sale or take on a Laps for Taps water walk challenge.
Funds raised from a Cookies for Cameroon bake sale or Laps for Taps walk help build one tap stand (or even more, if you’re up for the challenge) at a school in Cameroon, West Africa. See some of our past Cookies for Cameroon sales and Laps For Taps challenges.

Getting started is easy, just fill out the form below or send us an email at to let us know you’re interested. Depending on your location, we’ll either make an in-person presentation, or send you an informational video to get you started.

If you're interested in setting up a fundraising landing page online, please create a fundraising page here


Interested in getting your school involved in Cookies For Cameroon, Laps for Taps, or an idea all your own? Let us know!

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